Meet SoL Host and Sponsor

Folia Alexandria Miller

CEO of Zandi Unlimited
Folia is a West Palm Beach native raised in the heart of The Historic Northwest. After spending 12 years in the Hospitality/Service Industry Folia created Zandi Unlimited in 2007, named after her childhood nickname “Zandi”. 
In 2010, Folia went on to fulfill her life-long dream and opened a full service salon & boutique under the Zandi umbrella. 
Folia has now expanded the Zandi portfolio with Z’ Cuisine Catering by Zandi Unlimited. Folia’s cuisines touch all flavors, cultures and pallets; but especially helps individuals who are seeking a healthier lifestyle find delicious healthy options.  Zandi can cater small and large gatherings, or provide meal prep for those needing health assistance. 
Zandi unlimited is about a lifestyle!