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or twice but it has been going on for two years. so glad we were able to share. >>> back to you. >>> for the first time in the city of riviera beach history, a kwanzaa celebration is taking place in joining us live to talk about this is nicole cummings from sophisticated outlaw and councilwoman charlene in the year. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> councilwoman, i want to start with you. talk to us about the event. the first time ever. >> the quantum event for the city of riviera beach is a first-time event for the city and we wanted to bring something to the city, culture, the african-american experience and unity among all people. for the city. >> tell us when and where the event will take place as well. >> on this coming saturday, december 26 which is the first of quantum at 3:00 p.m. at the riviera beach marina off of 13th and broadway, we will celebrate having the first lighting. >> and sophisticated out loud is tasked with planning the inaugural event and tell us what is in store for this community. >> sophisticated likes to use small businesses within the community to bring the experience so we have a lot of small businesses helping us to bring the offense life. we will be giving away food because kwanzaa means first harvest and we have a food truck giving away producer that is a big thing. we are excited about the food truck giveaways some have candles been giving away by small distances and yummy cupcakes by gregory eaton. we have kwanzaa books for the children that will be so exciting to give them the spirit of kwanzaa and what it is all about and lots of entertainment. we have the community unity drum and dance and they will be doing drumming and dancing and josh will bring the spirit of kwanzaa through his poetry, live dj and we have beautiful props for the drive-through experience and as you drive through, you will get to see the spirit of kwanzaa through the props. the elf prop shops, they brought together some beautiful display props that they will be displayed throughout the park and you will get the drive through and get the spirit of kwanzaa to do the drive through. >> there is some video and nicole, your team is very passionate about bringing and let me talk about that. >> we are really about the small businesses and helping them to grow and get them out in the community and allowing the community to know who we are and we’d love to do the events where we note we bring the community together and finds is the best place to do that. is about community, unity and bringing the community together and that’s why we’re so it started about being part of this and we want to thank