Meet SoL Host and Sponsor,

Ladies of Futurity

Ladies of Futurity (“Ladies of the Future”) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that was established to mentor, motivate, and inspire 9th through 12th grade girls of diverse backgrounds to become ladies, obtain a higher education, and to be servant leaders in their community. It is our mission to help each girl realize her true potential as she establishes and ultimately achieves her future goals. Our program is specifically designed to equip and empower at-risk youth with essential life skills, leadership skills, and social graces that will create a pathway to educational success and career development. It is our goal for each girl to possess the confidence, optimism, integrity, and knowledge required to be future leaders that will leave a lasting legacy that will impact others.

Our Biblical Principle: Strength and honor are her clothing; she rejoices over her future
~Proverbs 31:25


Our Motto: “Empowered to achieve, Educated to succeed, Forever evolving as a lady”


Ladies of Futurity was founded May 26, 2013
Founders: Tracey Graham & Amaris Graham